Top 20 Heartfelt Nursery Teacher Leaving Gifts For Every Occasion

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. A list of heartfelt nursery teacher leaving gifts has been crafted to help you find the perfect present for every occasion, including Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, and New Year.

Should And Shouldn’t When Choosing Nursery Teacher Leaving Gifts

When selecting a gift for teacher leaving daycare, keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind:

  • Do choose something personal and meaningful that shows your appreciation.
  • Don’t go for overly extravagant gifts for leaving nursery teacher that may make them uncomfortable.
  • Do consider their interests, hobbies, and style preferences.  
  • Don’t forget to include a heartfelt message expressing your gratitude.

Best 20 Presents For Leaving Nursery Teachers to Melt Their Heart

A thoughtful nursery teacher leaving gift is the perfect way to honor their dedication and create a cherished memory. Here are 20 heartwarming nursery teacher leaving gifts from Best Gift Ideas UK to inspire you.

Christmas Gifts For Leaving Nursery Teachers 

Spread holiday cheer with these festive Christmas gifts for leaving nursery teachers.

  • Festive Christmas Ornaments: Commemorate their teaching career with a personalised ornament they can cherish year after year. You can find ornaments in various shapes, materials, and designs.
  • Personalised Christmas Stockings: A cozy knit stocking with their name or initials is a delightful holiday decoration. Hang it by the fireplace or on a mantle.
  • Holiday-Themed Appreciation Mugs: Start their day with Christmas cheer from a mug expressing gratitude. Pair it with gourmet coffee or hot chocolate.
  • Christmas-Inspired Scented Candles: Set a warm, inviting ambiance with seasonally-scented candles. Aromas like pine, cinnamon, or peppermint evoke holiday nostalgia.
Engulf your beloved teacher with soothing aromas for a cozy Christmas holiday
  • Christmas Thank You Cards: A heartfelt message in a holiday card is simple yet meaningful. Include a personal photo for an extra special touch.

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Nursery Teacher Leaving Gifts On Easter

Celebrate spring and new beginnings with these nursery teacher leaving gifts on Easter.

  • Easter-Themed Baskets: Fill a festive basket with sweet treats, small gifts and touching notes. Get creative with stuffed bunnies and egg decor.
  • Personalised Easter Eggs: Get creative and decorate eggs with their name, initials or personal messages. Display them year after year as keepsakes.
  • Spring-Inspired Jewelry: Welcome the season with flower, bunny or egg-themed jewelry pieces. Charming and stylish accessories they’ll adore.
  • Easter Bunny Plush Toys: A soft, cuddly stuffed animal is an adorable keepsake. Let them snuggle up with an iconic bunny friend.
  • Easter Thank You Notes: Chocolates and a thoughtful note are simple yet oh-so-sweet. Tuck it into a pretty Easter basket or box.

St. Patrick’s Gifts For Leaving Nursery Teacher

Don’t let this teacher’s luck run out! Wish them well on St. Patrick’s Day with these “lucky” presents for leaving nursery teachers.

  • Lucky Shamrock Charms: A shamrock keychain or necklace makes a lucky token gift. The perfect way to keep good fortune close.
  • Green-Themed Water Bottle: Stay hydrated in style with a reusable green bottle. An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastics.
  • Irish-Inspired Keepsakes: From Celtic jewelry to Irish treats, celebrate their heritage. Learn about unique traditions to guide your choices.
  • St. Patrick’s Day-themed Goodbye Cards: Touching messages with fun St. Paddy’s decorations. Lighthearted drawings of leprechauns or pots of gold.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Gift Baskets: Fill a basket with green goodies and lucky tokens. Add playful stuffed animals or mugs for a personal touch.
Fill your nursery teacher’s heart with a gift basket full of love

Nursery Teacher Leaving Gifts On New Year

Toast to a fresh start and all their future holds with these fitting gifts for teacher leaving daycare as the new year begins.

  • New Year’s Resolution Journals: Motivate them to chase dreams with a journal for recording goals. A crisp, blank book symbolizes an inspired clean slate.
  • Inspirational Teacher Quote Calendars: Daily words of wisdom tailored just for teachers. The encouraging phrases will start every day feeling energized.
  • New Year-themed Teacher Appreciation Plaques: An engraved plaque expresses lasting gratitude. Display these nursery teacher leaving gifts proudly as a reminder of impact.
  • New Year’s Eve Gift Baskets: Celebrate the occasion with festive treats and decor. Champagne, noisemakers and confetti set a celebratory tone.
  • New Year Thank You Cards: Write a sincere message expressing how they’ve inspired you. Include fond memories you’ll cherish forever.

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Heartwarming Nursery Teacher Wishes For Their Departure

In addition to a thoughtful gift, including a warm wish or touching quote can make the nursery teacher leaving gift even more special, such as:

  • Thank you for planting the seeds of knowledge that will forever grow within us.
  • You are a teacher not just by profession, but by the warmth of your heart.
  • Wherever your path leads, know you will be remembered fondly.
  • Your kindness and nurturing spirit have truly shaped young lives.
  • You may be leaving, but your impact on our children’s lives is forever lasting.
Saying goodbye is never easy, especially if it’s your school “mom/dad”

Wrapping Up

No matter the occasion, bidding farewell to a cherished nursery teacher tugs at the heartstrings. By choosing one of these thoughtful nursery teacher leaving gifts, you create a lasting memory to honor their invaluable impact. 

Bookmark this guide to find the perfect gifts for leaving nursery teacher to celebrate every holiday and momentous event year-round.


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