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20 Ideas For Fathers Day Crafts For Toddlers To Get Creative

Fathers day craft ideas for toddlers

Father’s Day is coming up, so it’s a great opportunity to have fun fathers day crafts for toddlers with glue sticks, crayons, and glitter! Right now, you might be wondering, “What fathers day art crafts for toddlers do I want to make?” Prepare yourself, as I am going to present to you the best idea!

Why Should You Let Your Toddlers Do Crafts For Father’s Day?

First things first, let’s talk about why handing over the fathers day crafts for toddlers is a stroke of genius. Sure, it might seem easier to whip up a Pinterest-perfect DIY gift on your own, but where’s the fun in that? Our gift guide will tell you why getting your toddlers involved is a game-changer:

Reasons you should let your toddler do fathers day crafts for toddlers
Reasons you should let your toddler do fathers day crafts
  • Unforgettable Memories: Making fathers day art crafts for toddlers with young children results in cherished moments that Dad will hold dear for years to come, bringing a unique element to Father’s Day festivities. 
  • Promoting Creativity: Fathers day crafts for toddlers inspire young children to experiment with art materials and help develop their imagination, enabling them to showcase their individuality through innovative means. 
  • Quality Bonding: Creating father’s day craft activity for toddlers  together fosters deeper connections and moments filled with laughter between Dad and his children, providing quality bonding time.
  • Increasing Confidence: Father’s day craft activity for toddlers commend their artistic endeavors enhances confidence and self-esteem in young children, and Dad’s ecstatic response to their creations bolsters their feeling of achievement.
  • Customized presents: Fathers day crafts toddlers can make items bring a personal element to Father’s Day, enhancing their significance and value compared to mass-produced gifts.

20 Fathers Day Crafts For Toddlers To Make

Now that you’re certain that letting toddlers’ creative chaos loose is the best option, it’s time to explore some exciting fathers day crafts toddlers can make! Here are 20 best gift ideas that your kids will enjoy making:

Fathers day diy projects for toddlers
Fathers day crafts for toddlers
  • Handprint Father’s Day Card: Create handmade fathers day cards by using cardstock and guiding your young child to trace their handprints on it. Allow them to use crayons, markers, or stickers to personalize the card for Dad, which he will love.
  • Tie-Dye T-Shirt:Tie-dyeing a t-shirt is a traditional and enjoyable idea of fathers day crafts that fathers will enjoy! Obtain some plain white T-shirts, secure them with rubber bands, and allow the young children to get creative with various colors of tie-dye. It’s chaotic, innovative, and the final outcome is consistently one-of-a-kind and lively.
  • Popsicle Stick Picture Frame: Create a picture frame by gluing popsicle sticks together and have your young child embellish it with paint, glitter, or stickers. Add a beloved family picture, and there you have it! Father has a unique memento to confidently showcase on his desk or shelf.
  • Apron with Handprints: Let the little ones dip their hands in fabric paint and press them onto an apron. Every handprint symbolizes a unique memory with Dad. You can allow them to customize the apron with extra embellishments or messages using fabric markers as well. It will be a useful present of fathers day crafts for toddlers for Dad to utilize in the kitchen
  • Doodle Cup: Decorate plain ceramic cups with permanent markers with the toddlers to create Doodle Cups. They are able to make drawings, compose messages, and produce handprints. After finishing them, bake the cups in the oven to solidify the patterns, and Dad will have a unique cup for his morning coffee or tea.
  • Rock Paperweight: Take your toddler outside to gather smooth rocks. After you return indoors, allow them to decorate the rocks with vibrant hues or playful patterns. Dad will be grateful to have a custom-made paperweight for his desk, crafted with love by his child.
  • Personalized coasters: Getting plain coasters and allowing your child to express themselves with paint, markers, or stickers is also one of the good ideas for fathers day crafts for toddlers. After the coasters have dried, Dad will have a stylish set of colorful and one-of-a-kind coasters to safeguard his tabletops.
  • Fingerpaint Masterpiece: Create a large canvas or sturdy paper outdoors, and allow the young children to freely use finger paints to make a masterpiece. Inspire them to use their fingers and hands to make a special gift for Dad. After the paint has dried, you can put the artwork in a frame and hang it as a valued memento.
  • DIY Tie: Create your own tie by cutting a tie shape from vibrant fabric or felt, and have your young child personalize it with fabric markers or stickers. No matter if it has polka dots, stripes, or unique designs, Dad will proudly wear their handmade tie.
  • Scribble Art Tote Bag: Provide your young child with a blank canvas tote bag and a set of fabric markers, allowing them to freely scribble, draw, and doodle as much as they desire. Father can utilize the tote bag for shopping, tasks, or as a joyful souvenir of the unique Father’s Day present from his children.
  • Homemade Bookmarks: Create your own bookmarks by cutting strips of cardstock or strong paper and allow your young child to decorate them using markers, stickers, or stamps. Father will be grateful to have a set of custom bookmarks as fathers day crafts for toddlers for his enjoyment of reading his beloved books.
  • Art Puzzle Activity: Provide a blank puzzle for your child to color or paint on, allowing them to express their creativity. After allowing it to dry, assemble the puzzle and observe Dad enjoying the process of putting together their one-of-a-kind creation.
  • Handprint Keychain: Form a small disc shape using air-dry clay or salt dough, then assist your toddler in pressing their handprint onto it. After it’s no longer wet, create an opening for a key ring, so Dad can always carry a keepsake of his child’s affection with him.
  • Adorned Picture Frame: Get a simple wooden photo frame from the craft store and have your young child decorate it with paint, glitter, buttons, or other decorations. Add a beloved family picture, and Dad will get a custom frame for his desk or nightstand.
  • Scribble Art Canvas: Give your young child a small canvas and acrylic paints, allowing them to unleash their creativity through scribble art. Dad will cherish their individual artwork, whether it’s abstract patterns, a family portrait, or their favorite animals adorning the wall.
  • Handprint Garden Stepping Stone: Make a Handprint Garden Stepping Stone by pouring concrete or plaster into a shallow mold. Assist your young child in pressing their hand into the wet mixture, then place decorative stones or mosaic tiles around the edges. After it dries, Dad will have a custom-made stepping stone as one of fathers day crafts for toddlers for his garden or patio.
  • DIY Father’s Day Crown: Make a Father’s Day Crown by cutting a colorful cardstock or foam strip and assist your toddler in decorating it with stickers, glitter, and markers. Place a “Best Dad” or “#1 Dad” note at the beginning, then use glue or staples to fasten the edges and make a celebratory crown suitable for a king.
  • Collage Coasters: Cut images from old magazines or printed photos and allow your young child to place them on plain ceramic coasters. Once they approve of the design, assist them in adding a layer of Mod Podge or transparent sealant to secure the images. Dad will own a collection of customized coasters to use and appreciate.
  • Fingerprint Art Mug: Create a unique mug by decorating a plain white mug using ceramic paint or markers to add fingerprints in different colors and designs. Assist your young child in making shapes, animals, or abstract designs with their fingers. After drying, follow the instructions on the paint or marker to bake the mug and ensure the design is set permanently.
  • Tape Resist Art: Create tape art by arranging strips of painter’s tape in geometric patterns or shapes on a canvas or paper. Allow your young child to use acrylic or tempera paints to cover the entire area, making sure to paint over the tape completely. Once the paint has dried, peel off the tape cautiously to uncover the sharp, neat lines below. Father will appreciate the modern and abstract art as one of fathers day crafts for toddlers made by his young Picasso.

If your children have already outgrown the toddler stage, this guide may be helpful: Best 35 Heartwarming Fathers Day Crafts for Preschool

Father’s Day Activities For Toddlers And Dads

There are other ways to celebrate Father’s Day with your little ones aside from doing fathers day crafts for toddlers. Below are a few enjoyable activities to make Dad’s day especially memorable:

fathers day activities for dad and toddlers
fathers day activities for dad and toddlers
  • Backyard Picnic: Prepare a picnic basket with Dad’s preferred snacks and go outside for a relaxing afternoon of dining alfresco.
  • Nature Walk: Go for a walk in nature with Dad and discover interesting treasures as you explore.
  • Family Game Night: Get out the board games and engage in a friendly competition to determine the ultimate family game champion.
  • DIY Pizza Night: Allow your toddler to join in on the cooking fun by assisting in making their own custom pizzas for dinner. This is also one of the good ideas for fathers day crafts for toddlers.
  • Movie Marathon: Cuddle up with Dad on the couch and enjoy a marathon of his top movies with lots of popcorn and snacks.

There you have it, people – why making fathers day crafts for toddlers with young children is the best way to honor Father’s Day. Getting your children involved, whether through handmade cards or messy finger paintings, will surely make Father’s Day even more memorable for Dad. Get those art materials and start the artistic mess! Have a joyful time creating!


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