20 DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Creative Ideas To Do It Yourself

DIY father's day gifts

With Father’s day approaching, it’s time to get creative ideas flowing. Don’t worry about quickly going to the store for another tie or a usual coffee mug – let’s give Dad meaningful DIY father’s day gifts this year to truly show our love. Why opt for the usual when you can surprise Dad with something exceptional?

Why Should You Choose DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea Instead Of Store-Brought Gifts?

To start with, what is the point of making DIY father’s day gifts when you can simply purchase something from a store? There is a unique and special feeling when you put your time, effort, and creativity into this gift by occasions.

  • Personalized touch: Because, honestly, nothing communicates love for your father more than a present made specifically with his individual eccentricities in consideration. From his preferred superhero hues to the iconic dad joke he always laughs at, father’s day gifts handmade DIY allow you to add some extra Dad charm to each creation.
  • Clones are not welcome: Don’t even think about generic gifts you see in stores! With DIY, you are the creative brains behind Dad’s unique father’s day gifts handmade DIY. No replicas, no copies – just a present as unique and fantastic as the person it’s for.
  • Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Who claims expressing affection for Dad needs to be expensive? Budget-friendly brilliance proves otherwise. Creating your own DIY father’s day gifts allows you to showcase your creativity while also keeping costs low. Because, honestly, being thrifty is essentially synonymous with being financially savvy…correct?
  • Clever Family Time: A DIY project is the perfect way to strengthen family bonds. Imagine: Dad hosting a creative gift-making event with the entire family – some glue, lots of laughs, and suddenly you have cherished memories… and possibly some sparkly messes as well.
  • Emotional Slam Dunk: Homemade DIY father’s day gifts are more than just gifts – they are affectionate messages created with crafts. The time, energy, and hidden tears spent on that stubborn glue stick result in a gift full of emotion. And to be truthful, nothing touches a father’s emotions like a bit of homemade charm.

20 DIY Father’s Day Gifts To Make For The Dad

Okay, get ready, everyone! I have searched extensively online (specifically on Pinterest) to compile the best gift ideas for you. No matter if Dad excels at grilling, enjoys reading, or is passionate about technology, there is a gift here guaranteed to bring a smile to his face.

  1. Personalized BBQ apron

Supplies: Basic apron, fabric markers or paints, stencils if desired

Personalized BBQ apron
Personalized BBQ apron


  • Spread out the apron on a flat surface.
  • Utilize fabric paint or markers to personalize the apron with Dad’s name or a catchy slogan. Stencils can also be utilized for more detailed patterns.
  • Allow the paint to dry fully in line with the guidelines provided on the product.
  • After it is dry, you can heat the paint by ironing the apron on the inside or by putting it in a high-heat dryer for a few minutes.
  1. Beer coasters at home as DIY father’s day gifts from daughter

Supplies: Ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, decorative paper or printed images, felt pads to create this one of father’s day gift ideas from daughter.

Beer coasters at home as
Beer coasters at home as


  • Trim decorative paper or printed pictures to match the dimensions of the ceramic tiles.
  • Put a light coat of Mod Podge on the tile’s surface.
  • Gently place the paper or image onto the tile and ensure to smooth out any air bubbles.
  • Let the Mod Podge dry thoroughly.
  • Cover the tile with Mod Podge to seal the paper.
  •  After the tile is dried, affix felt pads to the bottom corners to avoid scratching surfaces.
  1. Artisan-made leather keychain

Supplies: Scrap leather, keychain hardware, leather hole punch, hammer, and rivets or snaps.

Artisan-made leather keychain
Artisan-made leather keychain


  • Trim a piece of leather to the preferred dimensions and form for the keychain.
  • Utilize a leather hole punch to make a hole close to one edge of the leather piece.
  • Secure the keychain hardware to the leather piece with rivets or snaps.
  • You can use a hammer to create texture or imprint designs on the leather before putting together the keychain.
  • After putting it together, connect keys to the keyring and this one of DIY father’s day gifts is good to go!
  1. Picture collage jigsaw puzzle as DIY father’s day gifts from son

Supplies: Unfinished wooden puzzle pieces, pictures of family members, Mod Podge, foam brush to create this father’s day gifts from son.

Picture collage jigsaw puzzle
Picture collage jigsaw puzzle


  • Choose and display images for the puzzle. Ensure that they match the dimensions of the puzzle slots.
  • Use a foam brush to spread a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the surface of the puzzle blank.
  • Gently position the picture onto the puzzle piece and flatten any air pockets.
  • Continue the procedure with every puzzle piece, ensuring that each one is completely covered with photos.
  • Let the Mod Podge dry thoroughly.
  • After allowing it to dry, cut the puzzle pieces along the lines of the blank using a craft knife.
  • Shuffle the pieces and dare Dad to solve the puzzle of fathers day gift ideas!
  1. Making your own barbecue sauce

Components: Tomato sauce, acetic acid, molasses, seasonings, glass containers, stickers

Barbecue sauce
Barbecue sauce


  • Acquire an amazing BBQ sauce recipe or create your own special blend by mixing ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, and spices in a saucepan.
  • Allow it to gently cook at a low temperature, stirring occasionally with care, until it reaches the perfect consistency – thick and impossible to resist.
  • After cooling, transfer the flavorful sauce into fresh mason jars, all set to delight Dad.
  • Enhance those jars by adding labels or tags that indicate the delicious contents within.
  • Cool this DIY father’s day gifts in the refrigerator until Father’s Day arrives, then give Dad a delectable homemade present to elevate his grilling skills!
  1. Customized BBQ utensil set

Supplies: Stainless steel grilling utensils (spatula, tongs, fork), metal engraving tool or stickers

Customized BBQ utensil set
Customized BBQ utensil set


  • Select a collection of top-notch barbecue utensils.
  • Utilize a metal engraving pen to etch Dad’s name or a humorous message onto every tool handle.
  • Alternatively, attach custom labels to the handles.
  • Package these DIY father’s day gifts or display them in a trendy tool caddy for added style.
  1. Memory album

Supplies Needed: Scrapbook or photo album, photos printed out, scrapbooking materials such as stickers, decorations, and markers.

Memory album
Memory album


  • Collect beloved pictures of Dad and the family.
  • Get creative by organizing them in a scrapbook or photo album, and include captions or notes on every page.
  • Utilize scrapbooking materials to embellish the pages and include personal details.
  • Show Dad this one of DIY father’s day gifts, designed to bring back happy memories and create laughter.
  1. Personalized Coffee Mug

Supplies: Solid ceramic cup, porcelain pens or paint, oven

Personalized Coffee Mug
Personalized Coffee Mug


  • Begin with a ceramic mug that is both dry and clean.
  • Utilize porcelain markers or paint to sketch a design, jot down a message, or produce a doodle on the mug.
  • Allow the design to air dry fully.
  • Follow the directions on the marker or paint packaging to set the design by baking the mug in the oven.
  • After cooling down, either wrap it or combine it with Dad’s preferred coffee beans for a considerate present that he will utilize daily.
  1. Homemade Spa Kit for Father as DIY father’s day gifts from adults

Supplies: Necessary oils, base oils (like coconut or jojoba), bath salts, beard oil components (such as argan oil, essential oils), small containers, tagging.

Homemade Spa Kit for Father
Homemade Spa Kit for Father


  • Use essential oils and carrier oils to mix scents Dad enjoys, setting a calming mood.
  • Create a blend of relaxing bath salts with Epsom salt and essential oils.
  • Create a custom beard oil by combining specific carrier oils and essential oils that are recognized for supporting the health of facial hair.
  • Put the oils and bath salts in small containers or jars, labeling each for easy recognition.
  • Place the spa kit in a gift basket or box, prepared for Dad to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.
  1. Comic book coasters

Materials: Used comic books or printed pages from comic books, ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, foam brush, felt pads.

Comic book coasters
Comic book coasters


  • Trim comic book pages to match the size of ceramic tiles.
  • Use a foam brush to spread Mod Podge onto the tile.
  • Gently place the comic book page on the tile, making sure to remove any bubbles.
  • Apply an additional coat of Mod Podge to the coaster and allow it to dry.
  • Add felt pads to the bottom corners in order to safeguard surfaces, and that’s it! Father will appreciate having his beloved superheroes safeguarding his table from beverage stains.
  1. Basket containing items for a DIY movie night

Essential items: Dad’s top movie picks, popcorn kernels, seasonings, warm blanket, and a popcorn bowl.

Movie night basket
Movie night basket


  • Collect the movies that Dad loves or the latest releases he’s been eager to watch.
  • Put them in a gift basket or box with popcorn kernels and an assortment of seasoning mixes.
  • Include a soft blanket for cuddling up and a popcorn container for the perfect movie night vibe.
  • Give this one of DIY father’s day gifts to your father with a message asking him to join a movie marathon night, including everything needed for a cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home.

12.Customized photo frame

Materials needed: Simple wooden picture frame, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, pictures of family, Mod Podge

Customized photo frame
Customized photo frame


  • Decorate the wooden frame with Dad’s preferred colors or a style that showcases his character.
  • After they have dried, attach family photos onto the frame using Mod Podge to make a collage or arrange them in a pattern.
  • Apply an additional coat of Mod Podge to seal the photos for protection.
  • Allow it to dry thoroughly before placing Dad’s beloved photo in it and giving this one of DIY father’s day gifts  to him as a meaningful memento.
  1. Memory jar

Materials: Mason jar, paper strips, pens, decorations (if desired)

Memory jar
Memory jar


  • Add decorations to the mason jar, like paint, ribbons, or stickers, to customize and make it unique.
  • Slice pieces of paper and prompt family members to jot down their cherished memories with Dad.
  • Crease the paper strips and insert them into the jar.
  • Give Dad the memory jar and tell him to look at a memory whenever he wants to smile or be reminded of how much he is loved.
  1. Personalized wall decor

Materials: Canvases or wooden panels, acrylic paint, assorted paint brushes, stencils if desired.

Personalized wall decor
Personalized wall decor


  • Begin with an empty canvas or wooden panel.
  • Express your creativity by painting a design or message that mirrors Dad’s interests, hobbies, or personality.
  • In case of more complex designs, utilize stencils for assistance.
  • Allow the paint to fully dry before giving it to Dad to hang in his preferred room or workspace.
  1. Subscription box for father

Materials: Items associated with Dad’s hobbies or interests, subscription box packaging, or a decorative box are needed.

Subscription box for father
Subscription box for father


  • Select a topic for the subscription box that aligns with Dad’s hobbies – options include gourmet snacks, craft beers, books, or grooming items.
  • Collect items that match the theme, such as gourmet snacks, craft beers, popular books, or premium grooming products.
  • Organize the products in either a subscription box or an ornamental box, including a customized message detailing the concept and reasons behind selecting each item.
  • Introduce Dad to this DIY father’s day gifts and allow him to delight in a personalized monthly surprise.
  1. Homemade Adventure Vouchers

Materials: Colored paper, markers, scissors, and either ribbon or twine.

Homemade Adventure Vouchers
Homemade Adventure Vouchers


  • Cut small rectangles of colored paper the size of coupons.
  • On each coupon, jot down various adventure ideas or activities that Dad would like such as a hiking expedition, a movie night, a fishing trip, or a home-cooked meal.
  • Add fun designs or doodles to the coupons for decoration.
  • Combine the coupons and secure them with ribbon or twine to form a coupon booklet.
  • Show Dad the adventure vouchers as DIY father’s day gifts  and allow him to use them when he wants to enjoy quality time and fun activities.
  1. Time capsule

Materials: durable box or container, objects symbolizing Dad’s present passions or pastimes, message or letter from loved ones

Time capsule
Time capsule


  • Collect things that symbolize Dad’s present hobbies, interests, or preferred items – like a newspaper from this year, family photos, a beloved book or film, or a keepsake.
  • Incorporate a message or letter from loved ones expressing their sentiments, recollections, and desires for Dad.
  • Put the items and letter in a strong box or container.
  • Close the time capsule and mark it with the present year.
  • Give the time capsule to Dad and allow him to relive the memories and discover the treasures inside whenever he decides to open it in the future.
  1. Customizable recipe collection

Materials: Recipe book or binder without content, colorful paper, pens, traditional recipes from family.

Customizable recipe collection
Customizable recipe collection


  • Begin with an empty recipe book or binder.
  • Add decorative paper, markers, or stickers to the cover and pages to create a personalized look.
  • Collect family recipes or Dad’s preferred meals and neatly record them in the cookbook.
  • Include additional pages for Dad to jot down his personal recipes or notes.
  • Give Dad a custom cookbook containing beloved family recipes and room for new cooking experiences.
  1. Memory scrapbooks as DIY father’s day gifts from kids

Materials: Scrapbook or photo album, photos that have been printed, stickers, decorations, and markers.

Memory scrap book
Memory scrap book


  • Select a scrapbook or photo album that has a sufficient number of pages.
  • Print photos of memorable times with Dad and the whole family.
  • Organize the pictures artistically on every page, including stickers, decorations, and handwritten notes or captions.
  • Utilize markers to embellish the pages for an added touch of style.
  • Give Dad the memory scrapbook as a heartfelt token filled with beloved memories and special moments.
  1. Personalized book of dad jokes

Materials: Empty notebook, markers, collection of Dad jokes sourced from the internet or created by you to create this idea of funny father’s day gifts.

Personalized book of dad jokes
Personalized book of dad jokes


  • Begin with an empty notebook or journal.
  • Write out or print Dad jokes to fill the pages, then glue them into the book.
  • Be imaginative when presenting – categorize the jokes, incorporate illustrations or doodles, or share amusing stories about Dad.
  • Add a humorous title or image on the book cover that showcases Dad’s funny side.
  • Give Dad the personalized book of Dad jokes as one of DIY father’s day gifts and prepare for lots of laughter and groans as he goes through his new joke collection.

How To Add More Sentimental Touch To Your DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea

Certainly, you could simply create the DIY father’s day gifts, but why not elevate it by incorporating an additional level of sentimentality? Here are some suggestions on how to make your homemade Father’s Day present more special:

Tips to add special touch to DIY father's day gifts
Tips to add special touch to DIY father’s day gifts
  • Add a personal touch: Remember to write a sincere note to your father conveying your affection and gratitude.
  • Add Family Pictures: Whether it’s a single framed image or a collection of photos, including family pictures gives a personal feel.
  • Create a Video Tribute: Make a video tribute by getting family members together to film brief messages for Dad, talking about their favorite memories and why he’s the greatest.
  • Sprinkle some humor: Put a smile on Dad’s face by including a witty joke or inside joke in the DIY father’s day gifts.
  • Make it memorable: Combine your DIY father’s day gift ideas homemade with a special experience, such as cooking a meal or spending a day doing activities Dad loves.

Keep in mind, the significance of the DIY father’s day gifts lies in the sentiment and dedication you invest in it, not its price. Therefore, prepare yourself by rolling up your sleeves, getting your crafting materials together, and be prepared to impress Dad with DIY father’s day gift ideas homemade that he will always remember!

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