The 30+ Best Ideas for Easter Gift Bags Everyone Will Love

Discover the joy of Easter gifting with our curated selection of over 30 delightful Easter gift bags, perfect for every age and preference. From vibrant designs for kids to chic options for adults, find the ideal Easter goodie bag to spread holiday cheer.

What is in an Easter Gift Bag? And What Do You Put in An Easter Goodie Bag?

Easter gift bags are akin to treasure troves brimming with delights tailored for any age, making them perfect gifts by occasion. Picture vibrant eggs nestled among plush Easter bunnies, enticing chocolates, and a sprinkle of spring-themed trinkets, promising joy and wonder.

Within these charming bags, many treats await, including chocolates shaped like Easter eggs or bunnies, adorable marshmallow chicks and bunnies, jellybeans, and even pastel-colored candies. Injecting a dash of ingenuity, consider adding miniature puzzles, stickers, or cuddly plush animals. And don’t overlook Easter-themed crafts or activities to ensure endless entertainment for the little ones, making these gift bags ideal choices for any Easter celebration.

The Best 30+ Easter Gift Bags for Everyone

Whether you’re searching for the perfect present for family, friends, or colleagues, explore our handpicked collection of over 30 Easter gift bags designed to delight and inspire. From charmingly traditional to delightfully unique, find the best gift ideas to make this Easter unforgettable for all your loved ones.

Gift Bags for Easter for Kids

Regarding Easter, children’s eyes light up excited at the prospect of colorful eggs and sweet treats. Here are ten delightful gift ideas to fill their Easter baskets:

Gift Bags for Easter for Kids
Gift Bags for Easter for Kids
  • Easter Chocolate Eggs: Indulge their sweet tooth with an assortment of delectable chocolate eggs with these easter chocolate gifts in vibrant foil wrappers.
  • Stuffed Bunny: Every kid should have a soft friend, and a gentle plush rabbit is an ideal Easter Gift Bags.
  • Easter-themed Storybook: Help them to enjoy reading more with an interesting story that has Easter journeys and imaginative characters.
  • Craft Kits: Ignite their imagination with kits for Easter crafts, which include colors, decorative stickers and shiny glitter for limitless enjoyment in art.
  • Colorful Sidewalk Chalk: As for the Gift Bags for Easter, this type of gift will encourage playing outside by using bright sidewalk chalk in different Easter colors, great for making holiday patterns on the driveway.
  • Bunny Ears Headband: Let them embrace their inner Easter bunny with a charming headband adorned with floppy bunny ears.
  • Easter Puzzle: Provide them with an Easter puzzle that has a theme and cute drawings to keep them busy for many hours.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs: Illuminate their Easter egg search with eggs that glow in the dark and continue to sparkle even when night falls.
  • Easter-themed Stickers: Give them many stickers for Easter with pictures of rabbits, baby chickens, and eggs in different colors to add to their collection.
  • Personalized Easter Basket: Create a unique Easter basket for them, customizing it with the sweets and snacks they love most.

Easter Goodie Bags for Teens

Teenagers may have outgrown traditional Easter egg hunts, but they still appreciate thoughtful Easter Gift Bags that cater to their interests. Here are ten easter gift ideas guaranteed to delight even the pickiest teens:

Easter Goodie Bags for Teens
Easter Goodie Bags for Teens
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Improve their enjoyment of music with a movable Bluetooth speaker as one of the Easter Gift Bags Ideas that has an attractive design that will appeal to them.
  • Customized Phone Case: Make their phone look new with a custom cover that shows an Easter design or picture they like.
  • Journal and Pen Set: It’s good for writing your thoughts and being creative. It looks nice and it is useful to keep track of ideas.
  • Scented Candles: Scented candles as one of the Gift Bags for Easter can create a warm atmosphere, especially with smells of spring-like lavender, lemon and clean cloth.
  • Gourmet Snack Box: Offer them a luxury snack box that contains handmade chocolates, flavorful savory items, and rich treats for their enjoyment.
  • DIY Terrarium Kit: Help them to grow their interest in gardening with a do-it-yourself terrarium kit that includes small plants like succulents, stones for decoration, and tiny figures.
  • Polaroid Camera: With a Polaroid camera as one of the Easter Gift Bags, you can take pictures of Easter moments right away and get the photos printed immediately for quick enjoyment.
  • Graphic Novel: Satisfy their passion for stories with an engaging graphic novel that presents exciting narratives and beautiful illustrations..
  • Reusable Water Bottle: Give them a stylish reusable water bottle to keep hydrated; it’s strong and good for the environment too.
  • Easter-themed Socks: Easter-themed socks bring a playful element to their clothing, with fun patterns and designs for the occasion.

Easter Gift Bags Ideas for Adults

Discover a world of thoughtful Easter Gift Bags Ideas beyond chocolate with our curated selection of non-chocolate Easter gifts. From luxurious spa essentials to gourmet coffee delights, indulge your loved ones with unique and meaningful surprises tailored to their interests and passions.

Spa Day Essentials:
Spa Day Essentials:
  • Wine and Cheese Basket: Give your family and friends a classy Easter present with a selection of good wines, handmade cheeses, and high-quality crackers for them to enjoy tasting rich flavors.
  • Spa Day Essentials: Make your home into a spa sanctuary with a present bag filled with rich bath salts, fragrant candles, soft robes, and hydrating creams to enjoy the most relaxing time.
  • Gardening Kit: For those who love gardening, one of the Easter Goodie Bags can be putting together a gift pack that includes seeds, gloves for the gardening end, a small shovel, and plant markers for decoration to begin their garden activities in spring.
  • Art Supplies: Inspire their creativity with a curated collection of art supplies for the Easter Gift Bags Ideas such as sketchbooks, pencils, watercolors, and canvases, perfect for unleashing their inner artist.
  • Coffee Lover’s Delight: Give them a bag with unique coffee beans, an el.elegant French press machine, handcrafted cups, and fancy cookies to enjoy a comfortable coffee time in their house. 
  • Bookworm’s Paradise: For avid readers, curate such Easter Gift Bags featuring bestselling novels, literary classics, a cozy blanket, and a selection of gourmet teas for the ultimate reading retreat.
  • Cooking Essentials: Give a present of encouragement for kitchen explorations, including top-notch utensils,. fancy seasonings, cookbooks and unique olive oils to get creative with cooking.
  • Fitness Kit: Give them those Easter Gift Bags for fitness with elastic bands for exercise, a mat to do yoga on, bars with protein in them, one bottle that you can use many times for water and songs that make you want to exercise more.
  • DIY Candle-Making Kit: Give them a DIY candle-making kit to explore their creativity; it comes with soy wax, scented oils, wicks, and jars for making personalized candles.
  • Outdoor Adventure Pack: Equip outdoor enthusiasts with an adventure-ready Easter Goodie Bags featuring hiking essentials such as a hydration pack, trail mix, a pocket knife, a headlamp, and a durable backpack for exploring nature’s wonders.

How Much Should You Spend On Gift Bags for Easter?

How Much Should You Spend On Gift Bags for Easter?
How Much Should You Spend On Gift Bags for Easter?

The joy of giving knows no bounds, but balancing generosity and budget is essential. When deciding how much to spend on Easter Gift Bags, consider the number of recipients, your relationship with them, and your overall budget for Easter festivities.

On average, households were projected to spend $79.57 for Easter baskets, including gifts, candy, decorations, and greeting cards, as per NRF data analyzed by Bankrate. Comparatively, in 2022, the average cost for Easter baskets was $71.40, which was $8.17 less than in 2023, according to the NRF data analyzed by Bankrate.

With our diverse array of Easter gift bags, you’ll delight in finding the perfect expression of Easter joy for everyone on your list. Elevate your holiday gifting with these thoughtfully curated options that capture the season’s spirit.

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