20 Mum And Dad To Be Gifts To Celebrate Future Parents

Mum and dad to be gifts

Do you have expectant parents in your life? If you’re looking for the ideal mum and dad to be gifts for them, I can help you out! Today, we’re starting a fun and heartwarming journey with a mix of mum to be and dad to be gifts, things to steer clear of, and sweet quotes to add as a finishing touch. We should proceed with this!

20 Different Types Of Mum And Dad To Be Gifts

Selecting the mom to be and dad to be gifts is thrilling! Whether you’re searching for a gift for the new mother, the expecting father, or both, here are 20 mum to be and dad to be gifts to assist you in finding the ideal present.

Practical Mum And Dad To Be Gifts

Let’s kick things off with gifts by recipients that are as practical as a Swiss army knife. Practicality meets parenthood, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Practical mum and dad to be gift
Practical mum and dad to be gift
  • Convertible Diaper Bag: Imagine a diaper bag that is as flexible as a superhero. Choose a bag that has adjustable straps, numerous pockets, and perhaps even a built-in changing pad. Extra points if it can also be used as a backpack for hands-free outings with a baby.
  • Baby Wrap or Carrier: Keep your hands free and your baby near with a comfortable and ergonomic baby wrap or carrier. Perfect for busy parents, these handy accessories as practical mum and dad to be gifts allow them to multitask, go for strolls, or unwind with their child while ensuring their comfort and warmth.
  • Baby Thermometer and Health Kit: Stop the anxious online searches and welcome a sense of calm. Having a complete health kit with a trustworthy thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, and baby-friendly medications will be extremely helpful during times of inevitable colds and coughs.
  • Portable Baby Food Maker: For parents who prioritise nutrition and won’t settle for less, a portable baby food maker can make a huge difference. Search for a product that can easily steam, blend, and reheat, enabling you to effortlessly prepare healthy meals while on the move.
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones: To be honest, newborns are not known for having great sleep habits. Help the new parents catch up on sleep by giving them a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones as mum and dad to be gifts are an essential tool for exhausted parents, whether they need to block out late-night feedings or silence constant baby cries.

Personalised Mom To Be And Dad To Be Gifts

Show the parents-to-be some love with best presents for new parents that scream “you’re one of a kind!” From custom-made onesies to engraved baby books, personalised mom to be and dad to be gifts add that extra sprinkle of magic to the mix.

Personalised mum and dad to be gifts
Personalised mum and dad to be gifts
  • Personalized Baby Name Necklace: Who needs a name tag when you can have your baby’s name displayed on your necklace? It’s similar to a VIP ticket to being a parent, just much more fashionable!
  • Embroidered Baby Blanket: Every baby should have a blanket as soft as their parents’ hearts and as special as their name. Additionally, this one of personalised mum and dad to be gifts also serves as a security measure for those unavoidable diaper mishaps.
  • Customised book: Step aside, Harry Potter. There is a fresh hero in the city, and their name is Baby [Insert Name Here]. Prepare for some amazing bedtime tales featuring your child as the most courageous explorer in the kingdom of Nap Sylvania.
  • Personalized Baby Clothing: Why settle for designer brands when you can have your own initials printed on your outfits? It’s similar to infant fashion, but also includes a touch of cuteness.
  • Family Portrait Commission: Smile for the camera, soon-to-be parents! It’s time to capture your expanding family in all its charming chaos. Ensure that the artist captures both your best angle and the adorable chubby cheeks of the baby.

Cheap Mum And Dad To Be Gifts

Who says you need to break the bank to make someone’s day? Cheap and cheerful mom and dad to be gifts prove that it’s the thought that counts, not the price tag.

Cheap mum and dad to be gift
Cheap mum and dad to be gift
  • DIY Baby Onesie Decorating Kit: Why buy expensive designer clothes when you can make your own stylish outfit? Get plain onesies, fabric markers, and iron-on patches, and unleash your creativity. Simply aim to limit the amount of glitter – no one wants a diaper covered in sparkles.
  • Book of Homemade Baby Food Recipes: Don’t rely on fancy baby food delivery, start cooking up culinary creations in the kitchen! Gather a set of simple homemade baby food recipes, including cute pictures and useful advice for beginner cooks. Extra points if you include a voucher for a complimentary babysitting session as the parents prepare their delicious meals.
  • Humorous Books for Parents: Being a parent is like an ongoing comedy performance, so why not equip soon-to-be parents with some amusing parenting books? From humour-filled books for exhausted zombies to witty accounts of raising children, there are books as cheap mum and dad to be gifts that can bring laughter (and perhaps a few tears, but in a positive manner).
  • Baby-Sized Emergency Kit: When you’re grappling with diapers and spit-up, extra assistance is crucial. Create a small emergency pack filled with necessary items for the baby such as diapers, wipes, and pacifiers, as well as essential items for parents like caffeine pills and under-eye concealer. Believe me, they will show gratitude when the diaper explosions happen at 3 a.m.
  • Baby Milestone Cards: Help expectant parents capture special moments by giving them a DIY set of baby milestone cards. Think about achieving new goals such as “I rolled over by myself for the first time today” or “I finally slept through the whole night.” Certainly, you can buy a sophisticated collection on the internet, but where’s the fun in that?

Expensive Mom And Dad To Be Gifts

Alright, kind individual, this is meant especially for you. Splurge on luxury strollers, fashionable diaper bags, or an elegant baby rattle. There are no limits when it comes to spoiling the child!

Expensive mum and dad to be gift
Expensive mum and dad to be gift
  • Designer Diaper Bag: Why not carry baby essentials in style while on the go? Gift the expecting parents with a stylish diaper bag that prioritises fashion over functionality. Imagine luxurious, supple leather, hardware plated in gold, and an abundance of compartments that would impress Mary Poppins. It’s like having a high-end designer purse, only with added room for baby wipes and pacifiers.
  • Advanced Baby Monitoring System: Wave goodbye to blurry video streams and welcome top-of-the-line surveillance technology. Consider purchasing an advanced baby monitor equipped with various features such as night vision, temperature sensors, and built-in lullabies. Extra credit if it includes a baby rocker that can be controlled with a remote, just for fun!
  • Luxurious Spa Day for Babies: Who says little ones can’t enjoy some pampering? Pamper the expecting parents with a lavish baby spa experience including massages, baby facials, and possibly a safe manicure for the little one. There is no better way to welcome a newborn into the world than with perfectly groomed nails.
  • Custom Nursery Design: Pinterest, step aside. It is now the moment to make those childhood fantasies a reality in vibrant colour. Employ a skilled interior designer to craft a personalised nursery layout that is as special as the upcoming baby. From unique wallpaper to custom furniture, this one of expensive mum and dad to be gifts will definitely leave the soon-to-be parents in awe (and possibly a bit emotional).
  • Private Parenting Classes: Say goodbye to group sessions and hello to personalised one-on-one parenting coaching. Engage a personal parenting expert to educate soon-to-be parents on the essentials of diaper changing, swaddling, and managing with only three hours of sleep. When it comes to being a parent, having information is important (as well as some caffeine).

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What Kind Of Mum To Be And Dad To Be Gifts You Should Avoid?

Now, let’s discuss the mum and dad to be gifts that should be accompanied by a warning to proceed carefully. We have a few points that you should take into account to choose the best present ideas. Believe me, the future parents will show their gratitude towards you in the future.

Mum and dad to be gifts to avoid
Mum and dad to be gifts to avoid
  • Overly Complicated Gadgets: Avoid complex devices as gifts for mummy and daddy to be that are too difficult to use and require advanced knowledge to operate. Being a parent is tough without making it as difficult as rocket science.
  • Creepy Dolls or Toys: Avoid giving scary dolls or toys as mom and dad to be gifts to keep the gift shelf free from items that could appear in a horror movie. Choose toys that stimulate imagination without being creepy to others.
  • Toys that make noise: Save expectant parents from constant repetition of the alphabet song. Select mum and dad to be gifts that won’t transform their residence into a non-stop music venue.
  • Judgmental Parenting Books: Avoid parenting books that come across as judgmental and make you feel guilty. Adhere to books as gifts for mummy and daddy to be that provide useful guidance without any hint of criticism. In the end, no one wants added stress while embarking on parenthood.

Quotes To Congratulate Mum And Dad To Be

And finally, adding a touch of sweetness to the mum and dad to be gifts, let’s include heartfelt quotes to congratulate the expecting parents. Whether your goal is sentimentality or pure humour, these quotes are guaranteed to be spot on.

Quotes to celebrate parents to be
Quotes to celebrate parents to be
  • Prepare for the sleep deprivation Olympics! Get ready for parenthood!
  • “Well done! You’ve officially joined the ranks of the ‘No Sleep Team’!”
  • “Enter the realm of being a parent, where sleep becomes a thing of the past and coffee becomes an essential companion.”
  • “Strap in, folks!” Parenthood is the one role where calling in sick is simply not an option.
  • “Congratulations!” Prepare yourself to swap your peaceful evenings for changing diapers and countless moments of laughter!
  • Being a parent is like embarking on a new journey every day and ending each night with unexpected celebrations.
  • “Ready or not, here comes the stork!”. Congratulations on the upcoming nights without sleep!
  • “Step into the club where speaking in baby talk is the norm and the top priority is nap time.”
  • Bid farewell to relaxed mornings and welcome the hectic happiness of parenting!
  • “Bravo!” Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime: being a parent – where every moment is a chaotic yet perfect photo opportunity for Instagram!

And that’s all there is, people! The complete manual for mum and dad to be gifts, delivered with a touch of humor and affection. So feel free to choose the ideal gifts for mummy and daddy to be and prepare to see the expectant parents filled with happiness. Gift happily!

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