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20 Easter Bonnet Ideas That The Kids Will Definitely Love!

Easter bonnet ideas to make

Are you in search of Easter bonnet ideas to make for your kids? Let us help you! In this blog, we will cover many ideas for decorating an Easter bonnet, ranging in different styles. Don’t skip and continue reading to discover the best gift options.

Where To Get Inspiration Of Ideas For Decorating An Easter Bonnet?

Finding inspiration for Easter bonnet ideas can come from various sources. Here are some places where you will not only find ideas for making an Easter bonnet but also the best gift ideas for the Easter holiday: 

  • Nature: Walk outside and observe the colors and textures of flowers, leaves, and other natural elements. Incorporate these into your bonnet design with faux flowers, feathers, or leaf motifs.
  • Traditions: Research traditional Easter bonnet designs from different cultures or historical periods. You might find unique ideas or techniques to incorporate into your creation.
  • Pinterest and Social Media: Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok are treasure troves of creative Easter bonnet ideas. Search for Easter bonnet designs or related keywords to discover various styles and DIY tutorials.
  • Fashion Magazines: Flip through fashion magazines or browse fashion websites to see current trends in headwear and accessories. You can adapt these trends to fit the Easter bonnet tradition.
  • DIY Blogs and Websites: Explore DIY blogs and websites for step-by-step tutorials and inspiration. Crafters often share their own Easter bonnet designs along with tips and tricks for decorating.
  • Personal Interests: Incorporate your hobbies or interests into your bonnet design. Whether you love animals, movies, music, or sports, there are endless ways to personalize your bonnet based on what you enjoy.

By drawing inspiration from these sources and adding your own creative flair, you can design a stunning Easter bonnet that will impress everyone around you.

Easter Bonnet Ideas To Make For The Kids

Easter bonnets are a fun way for kids to celebrate the holiday and unleash their creativity. Here are some ideas from the gift guide to get you started:

Easy Ideas For Making An Easter Bonnet

Easy easter bonnet ideas
Easy easter bonnet ideas

For those who are not good at DIY and handmade things, we have some really easy decorating ideas that everyone can make. These ideas are easy to customize and perfect for adding a festive touch to your Easter celebrations!

  • Classic Easter Bunny: This is a timeless favorite of Easter bonnet ideas that’s easy to make. Use a straw hat or headband as a base, and add floppy bunny ears made from felt, cardboard, or construction paper. You can decorate the ears with pom-poms, buttons, or pipe cleaners. 
  • Blooming Flower Garden: Transform a straw hat or headband into a vibrant flower garden. Use colorful construction paper, felt, or fabric to create different types of flowers, such as daisies, tulips, and roses. Attach the flowers to the hat with glue or ribbon. 
  • Chickadee Nest: This is a charming and whimsical choice of easy Easter bonnet ideas for younger children. Use a wicker basket or bowl as the base of the nest, and line it with shredded paper or straw. Add some colorful plastic eggs and a few fluffy chicks (either toy or made from felt). You can attach the nest to a headband or hat base. 
  • Confetti Explosion: For a simple yet festive bonnet, cover a headband or hat base with colorful confetti or tissue paper squares. You can secure them with glue or tape. Add a few Easter-themed embellishments, such as bunny ears, flowers, or eggs. 
  • Paper Plate Easter Bunny: This is a super easy and fun idea for young children. Use a paper plate as the base of the bonnet, and cut out two large bunny ears from another piece of paper plate. Decorate the ears and the plate with paint, markers, or stickers. Glue the bunny ears to the sides of the paper plate, and add a pipe cleaner ribbon to tie the bonnet around the head.

Funny Easter Bonnet Ideas

Funny ideas for easter bonnets
Funny ideas for easter bonnets

A funny Easter bonnet can be one of the great choices for Easter gift ideas. They can bring smiles and laughter to everyone around you during the holiday festivities. Here are 5 funny ideas for decorating an Easter bonnet to add a playful touch to your celebrations:

  • Hair-raising Hatchling: Turn a straw hat or headband into a nest filled with “hair” as the hatching chicks. Use colorful yarn or pipe cleaners to create different colored “hair” strands sticking out from the base. Add googly eyes and felt beaks to some of the strands for a comical effect.
  • Eggs-travagant Egg Carton: Upcycle an egg carton by hot gluing it to a headband or hat base. Decorate the egg cups with paint, glitter, and funny faces. You can even fill a few cups with mini pom-poms or fluffy chicks for extra humor.
  • Bunny Hop Mishap: Use a straw hat as a base and attach two floppy bunny ears, one standing straight and one drooping down dramatically. Add a googly eye peeking out from under the droopy ear, suggesting the bunny bumped its head.
  • Carrot Patch Catastrophe: This one of Easter bonnet ideas is perfect for little ones. Attach some cardboard or felt carrots to a headband or hat base, with some leaning crookedly or even upside down, as if they’ve been “eaten” by a clumsy bunny.
  • Confetti Catastrophe: Take the classic confetti explosion idea and add a twist. Cover the hat with confetti and glue on a few plastic Easter eggs that “exploded” open, spilling confetti out of their cracks. You can even add some googly eyes to the eggs for extra comedic effect.

Homemade Ideas For Decorating An Easter Bonnet

Homemade ideas for decorating an Easter bonnet
Homemade ideas for decorating an Easter bonnet

Homemade ideas offer a fun and creative way to decorate your Easter bonnet and showcase your crafting skills. Have fun experimenting with different materials and designs to create a bonnet that reflects your unique style, personality and aligns with the easter decorations that you have planned!

  • Floral Fantasy: Creating a beautiful floral-themed bonnet using a straw or felt base is also a good option for Easter bonnet ideas. Use an assortment of silk or fabric flowers in pastel colors to cover the entire surface of the bonnet. You can layer different sizes and types of flowers to add depth and texture. Finish off the look with some decorative ribbons or lace around the brim.
  • Easter Garden Bonnet: Transform your bonnet into a miniature Easter garden by attaching small artificial grass patches or moss along the brim. Add tiny decorative elements like miniature bunnies, chicks, eggs, and mushrooms to create a whimsical scene. You can also include small faux flowers or succulents for added charm.
  • Vintage Charm: Give your bonnet a vintage-inspired makeover by decorating it with lace, pearls, and delicate trims. Adorn the brim with lace or tulle ruffles, and attach vintage-style embellishments like cameo brooches, buttons, or antique keys. You can also add a vintage-inspired ribbon bow or a small birdcage veil for an extra touch of elegance for this option of homemade Easter bonnet ideas.
  • Egg-cellent Creations: Get creative with Easter eggs by using them as the main decorative element for your bonnet. Paint or dye hollowed-out eggshells in vibrant colors and patterns, then attach them to the bonnet using hot glue or wire. You can also add embellishments like sequins, glitter, or stickers to the eggs for added sparkle. Arrange the eggs in a visually pleasing pattern or scatter them randomly across the bonnet for a fun and festive look.
  • Springtime Wonderland: Bring the essence of spring to life on your bonnet by incorporating elements like butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and other critters. Use felt or fabric to create cute critter shapes, then attach them to the bonnet along with artificial flowers and foliage. Add small details like googly eyes, antennae, and wings to make the critters come to life. You can also include whimsical elements like a mini bird’s nest with eggs or a tiny fairy figurine for a magical touch.

Unique Easter Bonnet Ideas

Unique easter bonnet ideas
Unique easter bonnet ideas

For those who want to make a bonnet that will wow everyone, you should pick unique ideas for making an Easter bonnet. We have some unique Easter bonnets that offer a creative twist on traditional designs and are sure to make a statement at any Easter celebration!

  • Rainbow Delight: Create a colorful bonnet inspired by the vibrant hues of the rainbow. Use a plain bonnet base and attach strips of brightly colored fabric or ribbon around the brim, arranging them in a rainbow pattern. Add fluffy clouds made from cotton balls or white fabric, and sprinkle glitter or sequins for extra sparkle. You can also top it off with a rainbow-colored ribbon bow or a miniature rainbow made from pipe cleaners.
  • Underwater Wonderland: Dive into creativity with underwater-themed Easter bonnet ideas. Cover the bonnet base with blue fabric or felt to represent the ocean, then add sea creature embellishments like fish, seahorses, starfish, and shells. Incorporate elements like faux seaweed, coral, and pearls to enhance the underwater scene. For an extra touch, include a mermaid figurine or a mini shipwreck decoration.
  • Space Odyssey: Blast off into outer space with a cosmic-themed bonnet. Cover the bonnet base with black fabric or felt as the backdrop of the night sky. Use metallic silver or gold fabric to create stars and planets, arranging them in a constellation pattern or a spiral galaxy design. Add glow-in-the-dark stars for an extra celestial effect, and include space-themed embellishments like rocket ships, astronauts, and UFOs.
  • Garden Party Chic: Bring the beauty of spring gardens to your one of Easter bonnet ideas with a garden party theme. Decorate the bonnet with silk or fabric flowers in various shapes, sizes, and colors, arranging them to resemble a blooming garden. Add tiny butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and other garden critters among the flowers for a whimsical touch. You can also attach a miniature garden fence, watering can, or birdhouse to complete the garden party atmosphere.
  • Mad Hatter’s Tea Party: Take inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and host your own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on your bonnet. Decorate the bonnet with whimsical tea party elements like teacups, teapots, saucers, and playing cards. Include quirky details like a pocket watch, a top hat, or a key to Wonderland. You can also attach a mini table and chairs with tiny cups of tea and colorful treats for an interactive touch.

Recycled Ideas For Making An Easter Bonnet

Recycled ideas for making an Easter bonnet
Recycled ideas for making an Easter bonnet

Creating an Easter bonnet using recycled materials is a fantastic way to embrace sustainability and get creative. Here are 5 recycled ideas for making an Easter bonnet:

  • Newspaper Nest: Upcycle old newspapers for a unique and textured bonnet. Cut long strips of newspaper and weave them together to create a nest-like structure. You can either attach it to a headband or mold it over a balloon (let the balloon dry completely before popping) to create a full hat. Decorate the nest with colorful scraps of fabric, dried leaves, or small painted pinecones.
  • Magazine Mosaic: Giving old magazines a new life is an interesting choice for Easter bonnet ideas! Cut out various shapes and sizes of colorful pictures from old magazines. Glue them onto a plain straw hat or headband, creating a vibrant and quirky mosaic pattern. You can even incorporate Easter-themed images like flowers, bunnies, or chicks.
  • Milk Carton Bunny Ears: Transform a used milk carton into adorable bunny ears. Cut out two large triangles from the carton and cover them in colorful fabric or felt. Glue them onto a headband or hat base, and add details like googly eyes, a pink pipe cleaner nose, and long felt whiskers. This will make a great option for Easter gifts for kids.
  • Egg Carton Garland: Another option for recycled Easter bonnet ideas is to reuse an egg carton and turn it into a festive garland. Cut out individual cups from the carton, paint them in different colors, and string them together with yarn or ribbon. Drape the garland around a straw hat or headband, creating a playful and colorful decoration.
  • Button Bouquet: Give old buttons a new purpose! Sort buttons by size and color, and arrange them on a headband or hat base to create a blooming flower bouquet. You can use hot glue or sew them onto fabric scraps for a more secure attachment. Add a few pipe cleaner stems and felt leaves for an extra touch.

Presenting The Easter Bonnet You Have Made In These Way To Wow Them

Special ways to present the easter bonnets to wow the kids
Special ways to present the easter bonnets to wow the kids

Now you have finished your Easter bonnet ideas. Here’s how you can present them in a way that will wow everyone:

  • Catwalk Show: Organize a mini catwalk show where you and others wearing Easter bonnets can strut your stuff. Set up a runway area and play some upbeat music as each person takes their turn to showcase their bonnet. Encourage creativity and flair as participants walk, pose, and show off their bonnets to the audience.
  • Themed Fashion Show: Create a themed fashion show around your Easter bonnets. Choose a theme like “Springtime Spectacular” or “Fantasy Garden” and invite participants to design bonnets that fit the theme. Arrange for a judging panel or have the audience vote for their favorite bonnet based on creativity, craftsmanship, and adherence to the theme.
  • Bonnet Parade: Organize a bonnet parade where participants can parade their bonnets around a designated area, such as a park or garden. Encourage participants to walk, dance, or perform as they showcase their bonnets to the crowd. Invite spectators to cheer and applaud for their favorite Easter bonnet ideas as they pass by.
  • Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with a festive backdrop where people can pose with their Easter bonnets. Provide props like bunny ears, colorful eggs, or spring flowers to add extra fun to the photos. Encourage participants to strike poses and express their personality as they have their pictures taken. Share the photos on social media or create a photo album to commemorate the event.
  • Storytelling Session: Arrange a storytelling session where participants can share the inspiration behind their Easter bonnets. Invite each person to take turns sharing anecdotes, funny stories, or personal experiences related to their bonnet design. This creates a sense of connection and community as people bond over their shared love of creativity and celebration.

By following these tips and presenting your Easter bonnet ideas with confidence, creativity, and enthusiasm, you’re sure to wow everyone with your sustainable and stylish creation!

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