Uncover Top 20 Unique Golf Father’s Day Gifts to Swing into Joy

Father’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the golf-loving patriarch in your life than with a carefully chosen gift? In this article, we will guide you through a curated list of the best golf Father’s day gifts, catering to various interests and budgets to put smiles on his face.

Should You Buy Your Dad A Golf Club?

Thinking about gifting Dad a golf club this Father’s Day? Hold your swing! We’ve got a better game plan. 

Okay, first of all,  congrats on your decision to put this golfing passion in mind! Choosing gifts based on different interests is indeed necessary to please the recipient. 

Should You Buy Your Dad A Golf Club?
Should You Buy Your Dad A Golf Club?

However, in this case, instead of the usual fairway fare of a golf club, you can explore a world of golf-themed treasures that’ll leave him pleasantly surprised. From personalised golf balls that scream ‘hole in one’ to quirky golf-themed apparel, there’s a whole tee-rific array of best Father’s day gift ideas . You can also dive into the golfing universe with fun accessories, stylish gear, or perhaps a golf-themed experience. 

Let’s face it, a new club might be par for the course, but unexpected golf Father’s day gifts will surely score you some major points in the gifting game. So, skip the swing analysis, and tee up for a Father’s Day surprise that’s anything but ordinary!

Top 20 Unique Golf Father’s Day Gifts to Put Smiles on Dad’s Face

Get ready to elevate Father’s Day to a whole new level with our carefully curated selection of 20 unique golf gifts that are sure to put smiles on dad’s face. Whether you’re a son, daughter, loving wife, or cherished friend, we’ve gathered a collection of best gift ideas to make this special day unforgettable for the golf enthusiast in your life. 

Golf Themed Father’s Day Gifts ($40 – $150)

In this section, we’ll delve into the realm of golf-themed Father’s Day gifts that fall within the $40 to $150 range. We’ll present a collection of the best golf-themed gifts for their dads. From personalised golf balls to stylish golf apparel, there’s a perfect gift for every budget. Now, let’s have a look at our suggestions of best gift ideas for golfers below and make this Father’s Day memorable.

  • Personalised Golf Ball Set with Custom Messages: This unique set of golf balls allows you to personalise each ball with special messages or inside jokes, adding a personal touch to your dad’s golf game. With such personalised golf Father’s day gifts, every swing becomes a reminder of the love and appreciation he holds from his family, making this gift both meaningful and functional.
  • Golf Scorecard and Ball Display Frame: Provide a stylish way for your dad to showcase his memorable golf moments with a display frame designed for golf scorecards and balls. It not only celebrates his achievements on the course but also serves as a constant reminder of the joy he finds in his favourite sport.
  • Customised Golf Club Headcovers: Give your dad’s golf clubs a personal touch with custom-designed headcovers featuring his name, initials, or even a favourite golf-related phrase. These stylish and protective covers add a touch of personality to his golf equipment, making each round even more enjoyable.
Giving Customised Golf Club Headcovers on Father's Day
Giving Customised Golf Club Headcovers on Father’s Day
  • Golf-Themed Whiskey Stones Gift Set: Combine two of your dad’s passions with a golf-themed whiskey stones set. Shaped like golf balls, these golf Father’s day gifts are not only practical for cooling drinks but also serve as a quirky and entertaining addition to his golf-themed collection.
  • Golf Course Map Wall Art: Turn your dad’s favourite golf course into a piece of art with a customised map print. This unique gift allows him to reminisce about his golfing adventures and proudly display his connection to the sport, turning his love for golf into a visually stunning decoration for his space.

Best Luxury Golf Father’s Day Gifts ($150+)

For those looking to splurge and express their deep appreciation for their golf-loving dads, this section is dedicated to luxury golf gifts priced at $150 and above. Here, you can discover high-end golf accessories, state-of-the-art golf technology, and premium golf experiences as father’s day golf gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

  • High-End Golf GPS Watch with Course Mapping: Elevate your dad’s golf experience with a luxurious GPS watch that not only tracks his game but also provides detailed course mapping. This high-tech accessory combines functionality with sophistication, ensuring he plays with precision and style.
  • Exclusive Golf Lesson with a Pro: Treat your dad to an unforgettable golf experience by booking him a private lesson with a professional golf instructor. This luxury present from our collection of golf Father’s day gifts allows him to refine his skills under expert guidance, creating lasting memories and improving his game.
  • Handcrafted Leather Golf Bag: Upgrade your dad’s golf gear with a handcrafted leather golf bag that exudes elegance and craftsmanship. This luxurious accessory not only enhances his golfing style but also stands as a timeless symbol of his passion for the sport.
Giving Handcrafted Leather Golf Bag on Father's Day
Giving Handcrafted Leather Golf Bag on Father’s Day
  • Custom-Fit Golf Clubs from a Renowned Brand: Surprise your dad with a set of custom-fit golf clubs from a top-tier brand. Tailored to his swing and preferences, these high-quality clubs offer unparalleled performance and represent a thoughtful investment in his golfing enjoyment.
  • VIP Access to a Prestigious Golf Tournament: Go above and beyond by securing VIP access for your dad to attend a prestigious golf tournament. This unforgettable experience allows him to witness the game’s best players in action, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Affordable Golf Related Father’s Day Gifts (Under $40)

On a budget? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our selection of affordable golf related Father’s day gifts priced under $40. From practical golf accessories to fun and quirky items, these golf Father’s day gifts prove that meaningful gestures don’t have to break the bank. Explore the options of golf gift ideas and  find the perfect token of appreciation for your golf-loving dad without straining your wallet.

  • Golf Ball Retrieval Tool with Novelty Twist: Combine practicality and amusement with a golf ball retrieval tool that features a quirky and entertaining design. This budget-friendly gift makes retrieving stray golf balls a fun and lighthearted experience for your dad.
  • Funny Golf Socks with Unique Golf Cart Design: Gift your dad a pair of humorous golf socks featuring a quirky golf cart design. These affordable yet stylish socks add a touch of whimsy to his golf attire, providing comfort and a conversation starter on the course.
Giving Affordable Golfing Gifts for Father's Day
Giving Affordable Golfing Gifts for Father’s Day
  • Golf-themed Desk Organiser Set: Bring a bit of the golf course to your dad’s workspace with a golf-themed desk organiser set. It includes golf-inspired stationery holders, turning his desk into a mini-golf haven and infusing a bit of fun into his workday.
  • Golf Ball Marker with Personalised Initials: Upgrade your dad’s golf accessories with a personalised ball marker featuring his initials. Such small yet personalised golf father’s day gifts add a touch of sophistication to his game, ensuring he stands out on the course with a marker uniquely his own.
  • Novelty Golf Flask with Tee Holder: Combine practicality and humour with a golf-themed flask that includes a built-in tee holder. This affordable and entertaining gift ensures your dad is well-equipped for both his golf rounds and post-game celebrations, making it a playful addition to his golf gear.

Funny Gag Golf Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Let’s inject a dose of humour into Father’s Day with our selection of funny gag golf gifts. Our hilarious options of golf gifts for men below are sure to tickle your dad’s funny bone and show your playful side and celebrate Father’s Day with laughter.

  • Golf Toilet Paper Roll with Funny Golf Graphics: Give your dad a reason to laugh every time he enters the bathroom with a golf-themed toilet paper roll featuring humorous golf graphics. This funny and practical gift adds a touch of whimsy to his daily routine.
  • Golf Ball and Club-shaped BBQ Grill Set: Combine your dad’s love for golf and grilling with a BBQ grill set shaped like golf balls and clubs. This humorous yet functional gift ensures he can enjoy his favourite outdoor activities with a touch of golf-inspired flair.
  • Golf Ball Whiskey Glass with Embedded Ball: As you are choosing the unique golf Father’s day gifts, how about delighting him with a whiskey glass that has a golf ball embedded in the base, creating a visually amusing effect? This small yet thoughtful gift can add a playful twist to his relaxation time, making it a standout addition to his glassware collection.
Funny Gag Golf Father’s Day Gift Ideas
Funny Gag Golf Father’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Novelty Golf Umbrella Hat for Rainy Days on the Course: Ensure your dad stays dry in style with a novelty golf umbrella hat featuring a humorous golf-themed design. This funny and functional accessory adds a touch of whimsy to his golf attire while keeping him protected from unexpected rain showers.
  • Golf Ball Ice Mould for Whimsical Drinks: Add a touch of humour to your dad’s beverages with a golf ball-shaped ice mould. This fun and quirky gift allows him to enjoy golf-themed drinks with friends and family, making it a lighthearted addition to his home bar.

Creating Extra Fun for Father’s Day with Interesting Gift Giving for the Golf Gifts

Beyond the gift itself, the presentation and the element of surprise can make the occasion even more special. So, in this section, we’ll suggest some creative and unique ways to present your chosen golf father’s day gift ideas, turning the act of gift-giving into a memorable experience for both you and your dad.

  • Golf-Themed Scavenger Hunt: Send your dad on a golf-themed scavenger hunt, complete with clues tied to his favourite golf memories. Hide small gifts along the way, leading him to the ultimate present for a fun and interactive gift-giving adventure.
  • Virtual Golf Surprise Party: Coordinate a surprise virtual party with friends and family. Capture the moment on a video call as loved ones share messages and unveil your golf Father’s day gifts together, creating a heartwarming and memorable celebration.
Interesting Gift Giving Activities for the Golf Gifts
Interesting Gift Giving Activities for the Golf Gifts
  • Golf Course Picnic and Gift Unveiling: Surprise your dad with a picnic on his favourite golf course. Incorporate your golf gifts for dad  into the experience, presenting it in a golf-themed setting or within a customised golf bag for a special and picturesque Father’s Day celebration.
  • Golf Ball Treasure Chest: Create a personalised golf ball treasure chest filled with heartfelt notes. Each golf ball represents a message of appreciation, leading to the hidden golf themed father’s day gifts within the chest. This unique and sentimental presentation adds an element of surprise to the gift-giving moment.


As we conclude this exploration of top-notch golf Father’s Day gifts, we encourage you to embark on the gift-giving journey with enthusiasm. 

Whether you opt for a golf-themed present, a luxury item, an affordable accessory, or a funny gag gift, the key is to choose something that resonates with your dad’s passion for golf. Make this Father’s Day unforgettable by selecting father’s day golf gifts that reflect your appreciation and love. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the golf-loving dads out there! May your day be filled with joy, laughter, and, of course, a perfect swing on the golf course.

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