25 Top Golf Gifts For Men That Are Worth Buying For Him

Golf gifts for men

Hello, fellow fans of golf! Finding the perfect golf gifts for men can be as challenging as attempting to score a hole-in-one without being able to see. Don’t worry, I will provide some advice and techniques to help you succeed in giving great men golf gifts.

Should And Shouldn’t When Choosing Golf Gifts For Men

Let’s start by going over some quick dos and don’ts for choosing golf gift for men in your life.


  • Make the gift personalized: Showing that you have invested thought and effort into the golf gift ideas, for example by monogramming their initials on a golf towel or engraving their name on a putter, adds a personal touch.
  • Take into account their preferred golf brands or players: Selecting men golf gifts that are related to their favorite golfer or equipment brand can add an extra special touch if they are dedicated fans.
  • Consider their golf goals: Whether they strive to better their swing or decrease their handicap, choosing golf gifts for men that match their golf aspirations shows your backing and motivation.


  • Don’t forget practicality: Make sure the men golf gifts you choose for the golf course not only entertain but also have practical use. Steer clear of products that are only for show and are not likely to be used while playing games.
  • Remember to prioritize quality: Choosing inexpensive or poorly made golf accessories may save you money initially, but they are prone to deteriorating rapidly and disappointing the recipient in the future.
  • Consider their existing gear: Take into consideration the current equipment in their golf bag to prevent duplicates or items that don’t work with their gear.

In case, you are looking for golf gifts for special occasions only, we have some suggestions: 

25 Top Golf Gifts For Men That He Sure Will Love

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the good stuff – the top 25 best gift ideas guaranteed to make any guy’s day. From gadgets and gear to quirky accessories, we’ve got something for every golfer on your list.

Funny Men Golf Gifts

Who claims that golf must be strictly serious? Add some laughter to your gift-giving by choosing from these gifts by interest:

Funny golf gift for men
Funny golf gift for men
  • A golf ball that is designed with a fart sound effect inside it: Just envision this scenario: your friend is getting ready to tee off, swings the club, and out of nowhere, a humorous toot noise is heard. It’s certain to elicit laughter and potentially disrupt his opponent’s focus!
  • A gag gift golf ball retriever shaped like a giant fishing pole: Assist him in retrieving stray golf balls from hazards by using a novelty golf ball retriever designed like a large fishing pole as a playful choice of funny golf gifts for men. Additional credit is given if he employs it to retrieve his friend’s errant shots when they are distracted.
  • A collection of hilarious golf jokes: Lift his mood on the course with a book full of laughter-inducing golf jokes. Whether he is joking around with his playing partners or simply giggling to himself, laughter is always a common occurrence on the golf course.
  • A golf-inspired coffee cup: Who wouldn’t enjoy drinking their morning coffee from a mug designed like a small toilet? It will spark a conversation during breakfast and make him feel like a champion before stepping onto the golf course.
  • A set of golf-inspired boxers: Allow him to display his passion for the sport, even when he’s not on the fairway, with these playful and stylish boxers. With golf ball prints or clever golf-related jokes, these golf gifts for men are sure to be a great addition to his wardrobe.

Unique Golf Gift Ideas For Men

Distinguish yourself from others with these unique golf gift ideas for men:

Unique golf gift ideas for men
Unique golf gift ideas for men
  • Personalized golf club headcovers with his favorite team logo: Display team pride on the golf course with these custom headcovers. Combining his passion for golf and his beloved sports team results in a stylish accessory that is also enjoyable.
  • A round of golf at a prestigious course: Give him the ultimate golfing experience by treating him to a round at a prestigious course he has always dreamt of playing. Whether it’s Pebble Beach or St. Andrews, this present is sure to fulfill his golfing aspirations.
  • Retro golf poster: Assist him in decorating his man cave with a nostalgic touch by adding a vintage golf poster for a retro look. Whether it’s a vintage ad or an old map of a race track, this one of unique golf gifts for men will spark a discussion.
  • A scorecard holder engraved with his name: This will enhance his scorekeeping with a touch of style and personalization. It not only enhances his golf accessories with a touch of elegance but also ensures that his scorecards are secure and well-organized.
  • A framed map displaying renowned golf courses worldwide: Fulfill his wanderlust and spark ideas for upcoming golfing trips with a framed map highlighting famous courses across the world. It is the ideal present for the golfer who enjoys both traveling and playing the game.

Cheap Golf Gifts For Men

Struggling to have fun without spending a lot of money? No worries! Take a look at these cost-effective choices for golf gift ideas for men.

Cheap men golf gifts
Cheap men golf gifts
  • A set of practice golf balls: Assist him in improving his skills without spending a lot with a pack of practice golf balls. Whether he is practicing his swing at home or working on his putting skills inside, these affordable balls make a great gift for any golfer.
  • A keychain with a golf theme: Enhance his daily essentials with a keychain that features a golf design. If it looks like a small club or has a golf ball charm, it’s a low-key but fashionable way to display his passion for golf.
  • A collection of drink coasters with a golf theme: Keep his coffee table safe in a stylish way with a collection of drink coasters featuring a golf theme. With playful designs such as golf balls, tees, and golf course views, these coasters as golf gifts for men bring personality to their home decorations at an affordable price.
  • A mini golf game for your desktop: Enjoy the thrill of the golf course right at his desk with a mini golf desktop game. Ideal for a short break at work or having a friendly competition with colleagues, this affordable gift is guaranteed to be a big hit.
  • DIY golf gift basket: This considerate gift, such as a bag of his favorite golf course snacks, some additional tees, or a customized scorecard, demonstrates your thoughtfulness without breaking the bank.

Luxury Men Golf Gifts

For those very special events, surprise him with something truly lavish as the golf gift for men!

Expensive golf gift for men
Expensive golf gift for men
  • A weekend escape to a luxurious golf resort: This present offers top-notch golf courses and luxurious accommodations, making it a golfer’s dream come true.
  • A designer golf polo: A stylish designer golf polo will give him a fashionable touch as he starts his golf game, coming from his preferred brand. Made with top-tier materials and outstanding attention to detail, this upscale present will attract attention while playing golf.
  • A collection of personalized golf clubs: Improve his golf game with a collection of custom-fit clubs designed for his swing. Not only does this idea of luxury golf gifts for men guarantee top performance on the field, but it also demonstrates your commitment to providing him with top-of-the-line gear.
  • Leather golf glove: Spoil his hands with the luxury they merit by gifting a high-quality leather golf glove. It not only provides excellent comfort and traction but also brings a hint of elegance to his golf attire.
  • Private golf lesson: Elevate his golf skills with a private lesson from a pro instructor for an improved game experience. This individualized coaching not only enhances his abilities but also offers priceless observations and feedback customized to his specific requirements.

DIY Golf Gifts For Him

Get creative and showcase your artistic skills with these homemade gift ideas.

DIY golf gift ideas for men
DIY golf gift ideas for men
  • Handcrafted golf balls: Add a personal touch to his game with hand-painted golf balls showcasing his preferred designs or patterns. These personalized golf balls bring a special element to his time on the course with his lucky number, preferred sports team logo, or a personalized message.
  • A homemade golf-themed scrapbook: Create a DIY scrapbook with a golf theme to preserve memories from your golfing outings together. This personalized choice of DIY golf gifts for him allows you to celebrate your mutual love for the game with epic photos and funny stories from the course.
  • A custom-made golf towel: A personalized golf towel can enhance his golf gear with customized embroidery of his initials or a special message. It not only serves a functional purpose by keeping his clubs clean and dry but also adds a personalized element to his golfing equipment.
  • A DIY golf-themed picture frame: Create a DIY picture frame with a golf theme to display his favorite golfing memories, using golf-inspired decorations. This handmade frame will be cherished for years to come, whether it captures a hole-in-one shot or a memorable round with friends.
  • A display rack for golf clubs that are handcrafted: Showcase his favorite clubs with a stylish handcrafted rack. This custom gift, constructed from recycled wood, metal piping, or other homemade materials, brings a rustic charm to his golfing area.

Where To Find The Best Golf Gift Ideas For Men?

With a wide range of golf gifts for men at your disposal, you may be curious about where to locate them. Do not be afraid, my friends, as the internet offers limitless options for finding the ideal golf gifts for him. Here are 5 particular brands to investigate:

Places to find golf gifts for men
Places to find golf gifts for men
  • Under Armour: If your friend’s fashion mantra on the golf course is “always look good, even while golfing,” Under Armour has everything they need. Their equipment is incredibly stylish, causing jealousy among the other golfers.
  • Puma Golf: Puma has the style to make your gift recipient feel like they are strutting down the catwalk, or should we say, “golfing runway”? Their innovative designs and advanced technology will make them the center of attention on the golf course. You can also find golf gifts for women here. 
  • Cobra Golf: Cobra isn’t just a catchy name; they excel at creating equipment that will enhance your swing as if it has been touched by a cobra. Their clubs are extremely polished, making it feel like they are swinging by themselves.
  • FootJoy: When it comes to golf footwear, FootJoy has you covered, or should we say, your feet covered? Their shoes are extremely comfortable, making you feel like you’re walking on clouds, even when you’re wading through tough terrain. They will be the best golf gifts for men
  • Galvin Green: Come rain or shine, Galvin Green has you protected – both literally. Their rain gear is extremely water-resistant, to the point where you could go for a swim in it and emerge completely dry. Simply remember to bring your golf clubs along.

There you go, everyone – a detailed manual on selecting the ideal golf gifts for men in your life. Whether you are buying for an experienced golfer or a beginner, the golf gifts for him on this list are guaranteed to bring happiness. I hope your shopping brings you joy, and may your gift-giving efforts be as triumphant as hitting a hole-in-one on the 18th green!


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